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The Classical Drawing Bundle is a remote atelier program, loaded with all the tools a student needs to build their skills in realist drawing.  The included textbook offers a curriculum of assignments used in the atelier, as well as the recommended order to progress through each to maximize learning.  Over 100 hours of video cover materials, anatomy, techniques, and fully completed assignments.  An accompanying catalog offers high resolution images of each completed demonstration.  The quick start guide gets you rolling right away.  Everything you need to jump into an atelier education is now at your fingertips.  What are you waiting for?


1.  Quick start guide and FAQ

2. External hard drive loaded with videos (100 hours), demonstration images, and reference images

3. Textbook:  Academy Year One: Drawing

4. Catalog of high resolution demonstration images

5. General Pencil Company charcoal drawing set


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Classical Drawing Bundle
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